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Construction men singing how great thou art

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Construction Men Singing "How Great Thou Art": An Uplifting Musical Experience

  1. Engaging Performance:
  • Construction men singing "How Great Thou Art" showcases the talent and creativity of individuals in the construction industry.
  • Their harmonious voices and powerful rendition of the popular hymn create a captivating and engaging performance.
  1. Uplifting Atmosphere:
  • This musical experience brings a sense of joy, positivity, and inspiration.
  • The combination of the powerful lyrics and the passion displayed by the construction men creates an uplifting atmosphere that can brighten anyone's day.
  1. Showcasing Hidden Talents:
  • Construction men singing "How Great Thou Art" highlights the diverse talents within the construction industry.
  • It serves as a platform to showcase their musical abilities and talents beyond their professional skills.
  1. Promotion of Camaraderie:
  • This musical performance fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among construction workers.
  • By coming together to create
Recommendation: Construction Workers Singing "How Great Thou Art" Are you a blogger in the US looking to add a touch of fun and unobtrusive style to your content? Well, we've got just the suggestion for you! How about writing an article highlighting the unique and delightful phenomenon of construction workers belting out the beloved hymn, "How Great Thou Art"? Let's dive into the details and see how you can capture the essence of this unexpected musical experience. Title: Construction Workers Singing "How Great Thou Art": Uniting Work and Melody! Introduction: In the bustling world of construction, where steel meets cement and hammers strike nails, an extraordinary harmony emerges. Yes, you read that right! Construction workers across the US have been spontaneously breaking into song, and their tune of choice? The timeless hymn, "How Great Thou Art." Join us as we explore this remarkable phenomenon that shows the lighter side of the building industry! 1. An Unconventional Symphony: Picture this: a construction site buzzing with activity, the sound of machinery and tools filling the air. Suddenly, amidst the hustle and bustle, a chorus of voices rises above the clatter. Construction workers, with hard hats as their makeshift microphones, harmonize in perfect

Are the singing contractors really contractors?

We are indeed contractors and as the scars on our hands can prove, we work hard. We love God and family and we are humbled that so many people l ove to hear us sing (thanks to the BIG BEARDS we wear…they help filter out the flat notes!)

Who is the best at singing How Great Thou Art?

Not surprisingly, tons of other artists have covered the song since it was written over 135 years ago, like Elvis, Alan Jackson, and even John Mayer back in 2019. But, no one can do it justice quite like Carrie. When she hits those last lines at the end and absolutely belts it…

Where are the singing contractors from?

Gray was born in Charleston, Illinois, and moved to Indiana after marrying his wife, Tamara. Arnett was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, where he resides with his wife, Alicia.

Who sang the hymn How Great Thou Art?

The first major American recording of "How Great Thou Art" was by Bill Carle in a 1958 Sacred Records album of the same name (LP 9018). He reprised the song on his album Who Hath Measured the Waters In the Hollow of His Hand (Sacred Records LP 9041) later that year.

Who are the members of the singing contractors?

A pair of Midwestern building contractors who enjoy harmonizing while on the job, Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett rose to national fame in 2015 when a video of them singing a gospel hymn at an Indiana job site went viral on Facebook.

How do you get paid for singing gigs?

How to find singing jobs
  1. Develop a diverse repertoire. As you look for singing jobs, you may notice positions at many different venues.
  2. Create a singing portfolio.
  3. Start networking.
  4. Search for gigs online.
  5. Contact venues.
  6. Promote your brand.
  7. Audition for a reality singing competition.
  8. Try street performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the hymn How Great Thou Art written?


'How Great Thou Art' is a Christian hymn which started life as a poem set to a Swedish melody. The poem, 'O Store Gud' (O Great God), was written by the Swedish poet and lay minister, Carl Boberg, in 1885.

Indiana construction workers how great thou art

Apr 3, 2019 — Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett are two construction workers from Indiana and they went viral when they sang in an empty house and uploaded it 

What music do construction workers listen to?

Heavy metal and classic rock are recommended for construction workers. Jazz, pop, rock and techno are recommended for programmers. Polka and oldies should be avoided by athletes and coaches. There are no genre restrictions for people who work with numbers.

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