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How long did people work on building the hoover dam per week

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How Long did People Work on Building the Hoover Dam per Week?

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Seven days a week

Working seven days a week, dam workers were exposed to all manner of dangers: carbon monoxide poisoning, dehydration, heat prostration, and electrocution from carelessly placed electrical lines.

How much people worked on the Hoover Dam?

How many men were employed during the dam's construction? A total of 21,000 men worked on the dam with an average of 3,500 and a maximum of 5,218 daily, which occurred in June 1934.

How long did it take to construct the Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam was built between 1931 and 1936, and those five years were not without disaster. Reports from the construction site list 96 deaths due to accidents. In addition, 42 workers were reported to have died from illnesses while the dam was being built.

How much did Hoover Dam workers get paid?

Building the dam was tough, dangerous work, for which men were paid an hourly wage ranging from 50 cents to $1.25.

Who was the last worker at the Hoover Dam?

Darwin Colby

Darwin Colby, the last remaining worker from the Hoover Dam project identified by museum records, died last week. He was 98. Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Who pays for the construction of the Hoover Dam?

It would also provide a dependable supply of water for Los Angeles and other Southern California communities. As envisioned by Secretary Hoover, the project would be self-supporting, financed entirely through the sale of hydroelectric power generated at the dam.

How many people were employed for the Hoover Dam?

21,000 men

Lake Mead wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the 21,000 men who worked to construct the Hoover Dam from 1931 to 1936. This was a challenging time for America. It was during the Great Depression when millions of people were unemployed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What president was in office during the Hoover Dam?

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, the Nation's 31st president. When construction of the dam was initiated, on September 30, 1930, Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur ordered that the dam to be built in the Black Canyon of the Colorado as part of the Boulder Canyon Project Act be called "Hoover Dam".

When did Hoover Dam construction began?

July 7, 1930

On July 7, 1930, construction began on the Hoover Dam. President Herbert Hoover was deeply devoted to protecting the environment, particularly focusing on pollution-free water, flood control, and fisheries.

Which president stopped by for a formal dedication of Hoover Dam in 1935?

President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the site on September 30, 1935. The two-lane, winding road to the Dam was packed solid with cars. Thousands of people lined the crest of the Dam to hear Roosevelt speak. But with the completion of the Hoover Dam, the future of Boulder City was uncertain.

Was Hoover Dam the biggest when it was built?

Hoover Dam is as tall as a 60-story building. It was the highest dam in the world when it was completed in 1935. Its base is as thick as two football fields are long. Each spillway, designed to let floodwaters pass without harming the dam itself, can handle the volume of water that flows over Niagara Falls.

What are 5 facts about the Hoover Dam?

10 Interesting Facts About The Hoover Dam
  • The dam is located on the border between Nevada and Arizona.
  • It is named after President Herbert Hoover.
  • Construction of the dam began in 1931 and took five years to complete.
  • The dam cost $49 million to build.
  • It stands 726 feet tall and is 1,244 feet long.

Is the concrete still curing in the Hoover Dam?

Concrete in the core portion of the gigantic Hoover dam in Nevada, USA is still continuing to cure according to engineers. That is in spite of the fact that the dam was built way back in 1935 and a huge network of 1 inch dia.


How did the construction of large projects like Hoover Dam help the economy?

Built during the Great Depression, the dam would tame the flood-prone Colorado River southeast of Las Vegas―protecting cities and farms, generating cheap electricity to supply power to homes and industry, and providing work for thousands who desperately needed jobs.

How was the construction of the Hoover Dam?

The dam was built in vertical columns of blocks that varied in size from about 60 feet square at the upstream face of the dam to about 25 feet square at the downstream face. An estimated 215 blocks make up the dam.

What were the effects of building Hoover Dam?

But the dam also caused environmental concerns. In particular, it changed the Colorado River's course, affecting fish habitats, sediment structures, water quality, and the capacity of the initial floodplains.

What innovations made the construction of the Hoover Dam possible?

At the same time, engineering advances and new technology made possible projects of unprecedented proportions: on Hoover Dam, for example, such innovations included cableways to transport materials and the means to cure massive amounts of concrete.

How did projects like the Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore affect the US economy?

Both the Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore had a profounding effect on the US Economy. It created jobs during the Great Depression which then boosted the economy by creating more jobs for people.

Who initiated the construction of Hoover Dam?
Herbert Hoover had visited the Lower Colorado region in the years before World War and was familiar with its problems and the potential for development. Upon becoming Secretary of Commerce in 1921, Hoover proposed the construction of a dam on the Colorado River.

How long did people work on building the hoover dam per week

Who decided to make the Hoover Dam?

The Bureau of Reclamation

Even before Congress approved the Boulder Canyon Project, the Bureau of Reclamation was considering what kind of dam should be used. Officials eventually decided on a massive concrete arch-gravity dam, the design of which was overseen by the Bureau's chief design engineer John L. Savage.

Who was the main engineer and builder of the Hoover Dam?

Frank T. Crowe

Walker Young helped design the dam and is on hand to see that it rises exactly according to specifications. But the man who is actually building it, probably the best man for the job in the world, is Frank T. Crowe.

What are the three reasons Hoover Dam was built?

It protects southern California and Arizona from the disastrous floods for which the Colorado had been famous. It provides water to irrigate farm fields. It supplies water and power to Los Angeles and other rapidly growing cities in the Southwest.

Who is in charge of the Hoover Dam?

Bureau of Reclamation's Lower Colorado Dams Office

The Bureau of Reclamation's Lower Colorado Dams Office manages, operates and maintains Hoover, Davis and Parker Dams and their associated powerplants and facilities on the lower Colorado River.

How much do construction workers get paid at the Hoover Dam?

The lowest wage was 50 cents an hour, and the highest was $1.25. The average for all of the workers at the dam was about 62.5 cents an hour.

Has the Hoover Dam paid for itself? The sale of electrical power generated by the dam paid back its construction cost, with interest, by 1987. Today the Hoover Dam controls the flooding of the Colorado River, irrigates to over 1,500,000 acres of land, and provides water to over 16,000,000 people.

  • Who authorized construction of Boulder Dam?
    • Mr. Hoover

      The Boulder Canyon Project Act, enacted December 21, 1928, when Mr. Hoover was President-elect, ratified the compact and authorized construction of a dam in Black Canyon or Boulder Canyon, leaving to the Secretary of the Interior the choice of sites.

  • Who approved construction of the Hoover Dam?
    • President Calvin Coolidge

      The Boulder Canyon Project Act, introduced by Senator Hiram Johnson and Representative Phil Swing, both of California, passes in the House and Senate, and is signed by President Calvin Coolidge. Herbert Hoover takes charge of negotiations as six of seven basin states approve the Colorado River Compact.

  • What Boulder Dam project won congressional approval in 1928?
    • The Boulder Canyon Project Act of 1928 authorized construction of a dam in Boulder, or Black, Canyon, construction of the All-American Canal to connect the Imperial and Coachella Valleys with the Colorado River, and divided the lower basin waters among the lower basin states.

  • When was Boulder Dam started?
    • September 30, 1930

      When construction of the dam was initiated, on September 30, 1930, Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur ordered that the dam to be built in the Black Canyon of the Colorado as part of the Boulder Canyon Project Act be called "Hoover Dam". By a Congressional Act of February 14, 1931, this name was made official.

  • Which president initiated the building of Boulder Dam?
    • The bill passed on December 18, 1928 and President Herbert Hoover signed a proclamation on June 25, 1929 making the Compact effective. Appropriations were approved and construction began in 1930. The dam was dedicated in 1935 and the hydroelectric generators went online in 1937.

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