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How much to build a construction fence

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How Much to Build a Construction Fence: A Comprehensive Guide

I. Understanding the Cost Factors:

  • Material Costs: Breakdown of the various types of construction fence materials available and their associated prices.
  • Labor Costs: Explanation of how labor costs can vary based on the complexity and size of the project.
  • Additional Expenses: Awareness of potential extra costs such as permits, equipment rentals, and maintenance.

II. Benefits of Building a Construction Fence:

  1. Enhanced Security:
  • Protects the construction site from unauthorized access and potential theft.
  • Prevents accidents and injuries by keeping out trespassers.
  • Reduces liability risks by safeguarding the general public from hazardous construction areas.
  1. Improved Safety:
  • Establishes clear boundaries, keeping workers and the public away from potentially dangerous areas.
  • Mitigates the risk of falling debris or equipment, ensuring a secure environment for workers and passersby.
  1. Privacy and Noise

New Fence Cost Per Foot

A new fence costs $1 to $44 per foot with most homeowners spending $10 to $18 per linear foot for materials and installation. A wood picket fence costs $10 to $14 per foot, while a privacy fence costs $13 to $19, and a vinyl fence runs $15 to $30.

How much is 300 ft of fencing?

Cost to Install a Wood Fence Per Linear Foot

Wood Fence Size (linear feet)Average Price (Materials only)Average Price (Installed)
200$1,200 - $2,400$3,000 - $7,000
300$1,800 - $3,600$4,500 - $10,500
400$2,400 - $4,800$6,000 - $14,000
500$3,000 - $6,000$7,500 - $17,500

How much does it cost to build a fence per linear ft?


Chain-link fence$12 - $33
Wood fence$14 - $31
Vinyl fence$17 - $38
Composite fence$26 - $57

What is the cheapest fence to have installed?

The least expensive type of fencing is chicken or hog wire. It's great for keeping pests out of your garden and animals contained, but these wire fences aren't the most aesthetically pleasing—although we have ideas below on how to spruce them up.

Why is fencing so expensive?

Material Costs: The type of material you choose for your fence will greatly impact the cost. Materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum are more affordable options, while wrought iron and steel tend to be more expensive. Additionally, the cost of the materials can fluctuate based on the current market prices.

How do I estimate the cost of a wood fence?

Cost to Install a Wood Fence Per Linear Foot

The average cost to install a wood fence is between $6 and $13 per linear foot for the materials alone and $14 to $35 with labor, though some high-end wood and styles may cost upwards of $18 per linear foot.

How much does it cost to build a horizontal fence?

On average, homeowners pay around $5 to $12 per linear foot for a horizontal wood fence for the material. The cost for this fence installed averages $15 to $22 a linear foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 200 ft of chain link fence cost?

Chain-link fence cost

Linear feet4 foot tall8 foot tall
100$900 – $2,600$1,200 – $3,000
150$1,350 – $3,900$1,800 – $4,500
200$1,800 – $5,200$2,400 – $6,000
300$2,700 – $7,800$3,600 – $9,000

Why is it necessary to put a temporary fence around a construction site?

Temporary fencing / barrier systems are generally used to secure work sites. They also contribute to public safety by providing a physical barrier between people and demolition, excavation, construction and maintenance sites.


How do you install a temporary fence?

Place the next panel in the front hole of the foot. You'll see how the panels sit behind each. Other.

How much is 200 feet of fence?

Wood fence cost

Fence length (linear feet)Average cost installed*
50$1,000 – $2,500
100$2,000 – $5,000
150$3,000 – $7,500
200$4,000 – $10,000

How much to build a construction fence

Construction fencing how much does it cost

Average cost to rent temporary fences is about $910 (chain link fencing, 10 panels for 1 month). Find here detailed information about rent temporary fences 

How much does it cost to build a fence around 1 acre?

Fencing Quotes per Acre

Acre(s)Cheaper (Wire or Electric)Moderate (Wood)
Quarter$400 - $2,500$4,200 - $8,500
Half$600 - $3,500$6,000 - $12,000
1$1,000 - $5,000$8,000 - $17,000
2$1,200 - $7,000$12,000 - $23,500
  • What is the fencing around a construction site called?
    • Construction Hoarding

      This eliminates many of the threats associated with opportunistic crime where a casual thief or vandal may see something of value within the site when mesh fencing panels are in use. Hoarding for construction sites come in two main materials; timber or steel.

  • Is fencing required around construction sites?
    • The OSHA rules regarding residential construction require fencing to be at least four feet tall. It can be made of nearly any material, but temporary fencing panels are an easy way to meet requirements without having to build fencing from scratch.

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