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How to bid on construction cleaning contracts

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How to Bid on Construction Cleaning Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to enter the construction cleaning industry and secure profitable contracts? Look no further! Our guide on "How to Bid on Construction Cleaning Contracts" is here to assist you. This comprehensive resource will equip you with essential knowledge and strategies to successfully bid on construction cleaning contracts, ensuring your business thrives in this competitive market.

Why Choose "How to Bid on Construction Cleaning Contracts"?

  1. Expert Guidance:

    Our guide is compiled by industry experts with extensive experience in construction cleaning contracts. Benefit from their insider tips and proven strategies to maximize your chances of securing lucrative contracts.

  2. Step-by-Step Approach:

    We break down the bidding process into clear, actionable steps, enabling you to navigate through each stage with ease. Our straightforward approach ensures a smooth learning experience, even for beginners.

  3. Detailed Checklists and Templates:

    To simplify the bidding process, we provide comprehensive checklists and customizable templates. These resources streamline your workflow, saving you time and effort while ensuring accuracy and professionalism in your bids.

  4. Winning Strategies:

    Discover effective techniques for assessing project requirements, estimating costs, and presenting compelling proposals. From understanding client expectations to creating competitive pricing structures, we cover it all to help you stand out from

How to price commercial cleaning jobs
  1. Step 1: Get clear on the job details. Consider all the factors listed previously, such as the job location, type of cleaning, and building size.
  2. Step 2: Calculate your labor cost.
  3. Step 3: Factor in overhead, insurance, and equipment.
  4. Step 4: Add your markup.

How are commercial cleaning bids calculated?

Take the total square footage of the building and subtract all the non-cleaning areas. Next, use the cleanable square footage to calculate a custodial price per square foot. Average rates for commercial cleaning services can range from $. 05 to $.

How do you get leads for post construction cleaning?

Follow construction companies on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Pro Tip: Regularly check their profiles as following doesn't guarantee you'll see all their posts. Also, set up a professional LinkedIn profile for your cleaning business for added credibility and networking.

How do I make a contract for a cleaner?

A cleaning contract should include a breakdown of services and their prices, the information about the location, the payment conditions, a cancellation clause, and the parties' signature.

What percentage of a cleaning contract should be profit?

Between 10% to 28%

For a cleaning company, anywhere between 10% to 28% is a good profit margin. You can raise that percentage as your business grows.

What type of cleaning business makes the most money?

Most profitable cleaning services
  • Pressure washing.
  • Pool cleaning.
  • Chimney cleaning.
  • Trash bin cleaning.
  • Gutter cleaning.
  • Air duct and dryer vent cleaning.
  • Crime scene cleaning.
  • Disaster cleaning.

How do I write a cleaning service contract?

A cleaning service contract or agreement contains the following items:
  1. Contact information for the cleaning provider and the client.
  2. The type of services provided.
  3. The frequency of the services.
  4. The time and location of the services.
  5. Payment details.
  6. Who is responsible for providing the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How profitable is owning a cleaning business?

How much your cleaning business makes will depend on how much growth your company has experienced. For instance, a small business can expect to make between $30,000 and $50,000 a year. As you hire additional cleaners, you can increase profits to $70,000 a year.

What is a construction cleaner job description?

Duties can include cleaning windows inside and out, dusting and washing all surfaces, removing stickers on windows and appliances, hauling away the last of the construction debris, polishing all the interior glass, marble, and tile surfaces, dusting and washing walls and ceilings, and vacuuming the floors.

What does rough cleaning mean?

A rough construction cleaning is the cleaning that occurs once the rougher portions of a construction project are complete. A commercial cleaning crew often performs this type of cleaning, and it's quite different from what takes place with your average office or workplace cleaning.

How do I get that job of cleaning?

How to get cleaning jobs
  1. Join a cleaning service. Many locations have operating cleaning services that offer positions.
  2. Contact local businesses.
  3. Advertise on business directories.
  4. Use online job sites.
  5. Select a cleaning specialization.
  6. Create a website.

What defines clean up in construction?

A construction cleanup contractor cleans up and/or removes from building grounds or structures any debris resultant from any construction project including but not limited to: concrete, dirt, scrap lumber, plaster, drywall, any paint or adhesive products from windows, floors, ceramic tile and bathroom fixtures.

How can I get clients for my cleaning business?

Big-budget ways to get clients for your cleaning business

Send out cleaning flyers, postcards, and door hangers in your target neighborhoods. Invest in Facebook ads and Google Local Services Ads. Try these catchy house cleaning ads to reach ideal potential clients online.

How can I get more business for cleaning?

Try these five tactics to help you market your cleaning business:
  1. Appear professional and prepared. However you market your cleaning business, you should always emphasize your unique selling points (USPs).
  2. Distribute printed flyers.
  3. Promote your brand via social media.
  4. Create a referral program.
  5. Use digital marketing.


How do you quote post construction cleaning?

All cleanup opportunities with Construction Clean Partners are quoted at $0.25 per square foot, unless the project is union or Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage. Once you've determined pricing, you can prepare to submit your proposal. These proposal templates might help.

How do you calculate a janitorial bid?

Of course, this number varies depending on where you are in the country, but it's a safe bet to start with, which will keep you competitive and still profitable. To calculate your bid price: Time x Rate x Frequency x 4.3 (you multiply by 4.3 because this is the number of weeks in a month).

How do you quote janitorial services?

Let's do a quick example of pricing by the hour

After work-loading the location, you estimate it can be cleaned in 2.75 hours per service (or 2 hours and 45 minutes). If your hourly rate is $22 dollars per hour, then you'll charge $60.50 per service. If you do the math, that works out to $524.33 a month.

How do you write a commercial cleaning bid?
Your proposal should include at least the following information:
  1. Job details (description of tasks)
  2. Estimated completion time.
  3. Hourly or job rate (whichever your business prefers)
  4. Regular cleaning schedule.
  5. Total cost.
How do you find cleaning leads?
If you're on the fence about running paid ads, consider using these six tactics to gain free cleaning leads.
  1. Ask clients for referrals.
  2. Partner with local businesses.
  3. Connect with potential customers at community events.
  4. Generate interest on social media.
  5. Create a recognizable brand.
How do you find leads for commercial cleaning?
How to get residential & commercial cleaning leads
  1. UpLead. Best for commercial cleaning leads.
  2. Customers.AI. Best for identifying anonymous website visitors.
  3. Google SEO (FREE)
  4. Linkedin Outreach (FREE)
  5. 5. Facebook & Instagram Ads.
  6. Pay Per Lead.
  7. Cold email.

How to bid on construction cleaning contracts

How to get construction leads free? A few best way to get free leads include:
  1. Understand Your Customers. To obtain quality construction leads, you must have a clear understanding of your customers' needs and their design and style preferences.
  2. List Your Company in Local Directories.
  3. Use Trade Shows.
  4. Uplift Your Email Marketing Game.
  5. Use PlanHub's Software.
How do I get a job lead? Finding Job Leads
  1. Your Network. The majority of jobs acquired by job seekers are found via contacts and personal networking.
  2. Social Networking.
  3. Appreciate your Network.
  4. Professional Organizations and Associations.
  5. Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings.
  6. Career Centers and Job Fairs.
  7. Employment Centers.
  8. Employment Websites.
How do you clean windows on a construction site? Heavy-duty shop vacuum – a household vacuum can't remove all the construction dirt. Meanwhile, you could damage the appliance with sharp debris. Several rags – use thick shop rags made out of soft materials so they don't scratch the glass. Squeegee – buy a heavy-duty and high-quality squeegee.

How profitable is a window cleaning business?

Starting a window washing business is certainly profitable. According to Extra Income Over 55, “the average window cleaner makes between $50 and $70 per hour.” Whether you want to start a commercial or residential window washing business, you may have the opportunity to earn around $3,000 per week.

Why is window cleaning so expensive?

Window Condition and Level of Dirt

If your windows have grime buildup or mineral deposits from hard water, your cleaner may require more time and use specialized cleaning products to restore your windows, raising costs.

How long does it take to clean a window?

Window washing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over 6 hours. Depending on the number of windows your home needs cleaned, this task can take quite some time! An average-sized house has between 20-25 windows (including sliding glass doors), though some homes may have 40 or more windows.

  • What is the best window cleaner after construction?
    • That's right, simple dishwashing detergent makes for the best window cleaning solution to use with your squeegee. Add a generous amount to a bucket of hot water for best results. You can apply the soapy solution and lightly scrub the windows with a sponge or rag.

  • How do you clean a new house after construction?
    • How do you clean a new construction home?
      1. Wipe down all ceilings using a damp sponge.
      2. Remove window labels.
      3. Vacuum all window tracks.
      4. Wash the interior and exterior of all windows.
      5. Vacuum all the cupboards and drawers.
      6. Put your cleaning solution in a bucket, grab some soft rags, and wipe down all surfaces.
  • What should you clean first in a new house?
    • The best place to start your move in cleaning is the bathroom. It was probably used during the move-out and you will want to use it during move-in, so it is a logical place to clean first. If there are any stains on the sinks, showers, or toilets, you can start getting rid of them with some vinegar and baking soda.

  • Should builders clean up?
    • Construction cleaning will push up dirt and dust more before it starts to be clean, so that's another fundamental reason hiring a professional who handles builders' cleans all the time is so important. That dust may not always be toxic, but inhalation of any type of post-construction clean-up will not be good.

  • What is the correct order to clean a house?
    • Are You Cleaning Your Home in the Right Order?
      1. Start with Cleaning the Bathroom First.
      2. Up Next is Dusting and Organizing.
      3. Move on to Mopping and Vacuuming.
      4. Cleaning the Kitchen Should Be Your Final Stop.
      5. If You Don't Have the Time for Cleaning, Merry Maids® is Here!
  • How clean should a house be when you buy it?
    • Once the seller has accepted an offer, upon closing escrow and handing over the keys they will generally leave the home broom cleaned. This means that the floors have been swept or vacuumed and the walls and ceilings are bare.

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