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How to plan a renovation

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As you look to begin your whole home remodel, here's the general order of operations:
  1. Planning and Design.
  2. Demolition.
  3. Rebuilding/Framing.
  4. Mechanicals/Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical.
  5. Walls.
  6. Flooring.
  7. Cabinets.
  8. Appliances.

How do I start a renovation process?

How to Start Planning a Home Renovation
  1. Step 1: Make Sure the Renovation Is Worth the Time and Cost.
  2. Step 2: Research and Create a Game Plan.
  3. Step 3: Establish a Budget and Account for Hidden Costs.
  4. Step 4: Find the Right Contractor for the Job.
  5. Step 5: Sign a Contract.
  6. Step 6: Prepare for the Job to Begin.

What are the 5 stages of home renovation?

The new master bath and hall bath replaces the small rear bedroom.
  • Stage 1: Planning. You want to stay extremely organized when you begin a remodeling project or home addition.
  • Stage 2: Budgeting.
  • Stage 3: Demolition.
  • Stage 4: Construction.
  • Stage 5: Cleanup.

Is $100 000 enough to renovate a house?

Gut Renovation

Depending on the square footage, the average cost to gut and remodel a house can be $100,000 – $200,000. Gutrenovation cost per square foot ranges between $60 and $150 and includes new plumbing, appliances, structural improvements, a new roof and an HVAC (heating, venting, air conditioning system).

Should you do walls or floors first?

Compared to fixing commercial walls, fixing floors is a relatively harder and messier process than fixing the walls. To save on all the cleaning, it would be best to do the floors first. If you do the walls first, you'll end up hiring someone to clean all the floors once the wall paint is done.

In what order should you remodel your home?

Home Renovation Timeline
  1. Week 1 – site preparation and demolition.
  2. Week 2 -3 – rough work.
  3. Week 4 – drywalling and finishes.
  4. Week 5 – interior trim and cabinetry.
  5. Week 6 – painting.
  6. Week 7 – trim out from trades, lighting, and fixtures.
  7. Week 8 – flooring, final finishes, and cleaning.
  8. Scope of work.

How do you estimate a remodeling project?

  1. Compare Past Estimates. Take a look at your estimates for similar past projects.
  2. Calculate Material Costs. Now put together a list of materials you'll need for the home remodeling project.
  3. Estimate Time Required.
  4. Calculate Labor Costs.
  5. Accommodate Specialty Costs.
  6. Add Your Markup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct order to renovate a house?

The order in which you should renovate a home, according to experts
  1. Tackle structural issues. House Beautiful/Mel Yates.
  2. Reconfigure your space.
  3. Make adjustments to your doors.
  4. Replace your radiators.
  5. Consider flooring.
  6. Start with the kitchen.

What I wish I knew before I renovated?

I wish I'd known that every task takes twice as long as you think, especially when you're self-renovating. I found that most of the time is spent on moving things out of the way, prepping the area and tidying, rather than on the task itself.


How do I prepare for a remodeling project?
  1. Identify your home remodeling needs.
  2. Define your dreams for the space.
  3. Set a realistic budget.
  4. Find a qualified contractor.
  5. Make a detailed plan.
  6. Finalize the project scope.
  7. Prepare your home.
  8. Be prepared for the unexpected.
How do you structure a renovation project?
Here are the steps to follow when getting started:
  1. Set your goals and budget. Define your expectations for the renovation project by setting goals and a budget.
  2. Identify what needs to be done.
  3. Create a timeline.
  4. Find contractors/workers/suppliers.
  5. Start executing!

How to plan a renovation

How do you create a renovation project plan?

A renovation plan should include the home improvement project objectives, renovation cost estimates, timeline, design details, material selections, permits and regulatory considerations, general contractor information and any special instructions or requirements.

What is the difference between renovation and remodel?

Definitions. Technically, a renovation and remodel are defined differently. While a remodel changes the form of something (like adding a new shower to an existing bathroom), a renovation focuses more on restoring something old into good repair (fixing up a creaky floor, for example).

  • How do I make a remodeling plan?
    • With so many things to plan, we have gathered our best tips for renovating your house to make your project go as smoothly as possible.
      1. Create Your Renovation Wishlist.
      2. Set Your Renovation Budget.
      3. Do Your Research.
      4. Hire a Reputable Contractor.
      5. Understand Neighborhood Bylaws & Permitting.
      6. Understand Your Timeline.
  • What is the best way to approach a renovation?
    • Here's a checklist for renovating your home:
      1. Ask yourself: Why are you remodeling?
      2. Decide what you're remodeling.
      3. Apply for permits.
      4. Find inspiration from styles and trends that appeal to you.
      5. Determine your budget.
      6. Determine the scope of your project.
      7. Choose to hire a contractor or DIY.
      8. Pick out materials.

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