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Osrs where to buy construction tools

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Convenient Options for Buying Construction Tools in OSRS

When searching for "OSRS where to buy construction tools," players of Old School RuneScape can expect to find a diverse range of options that cater to their construction needs. Whether you're starting a new project or looking to upgrade your existing tools, OSRS offers a convenient and reliable platform to acquire construction tools. Here, we highlight the positive aspects, benefits, and conditions for using OSRS as your go-to destination for purchasing construction tools.

Positive Aspects of OSRS Where to Buy Construction Tools:

  1. Wide Selection of Tools:
  • OSRS provides an extensive range of construction tools, including hammers, saws, chisels, and more. This ensures that players can find the specific tools they need for their construction projects.
  1. Competitive Pricing:
  • OSRS offers competitive prices for construction tools, making it an affordable option for players. The marketplace encourages sellers to provide competitive rates, ensuring that buyers can find tools that suit their budget.
  1. Reliable Seller Ratings:
  • The platform features seller ratings, allowing users to assess the reputation and reliability of sellers before making a purchase. This helps ensure a safe and trustworthy buying experience.
  1. User-Friendly Interface:
  • OSRS provides a

Experience costs

ItemXP/Material (Build)Average XP/Plank
Oak plank48200.0
Teak plank72287.9
Mahogany plank112346.1
Steel bar--

How long does it take to get 99 construction?

With a Demon Butler and very precise clicks, you can get over 600 000 XP per hour when you are making these. That means that it only takes about 20 hours to get from level 52 – 99 Construction, which is under 1 day.

How much XP per hour is mahogany tables?

Players can gain up to around 900,000 experience per hour with mahogany tables, and 1,100,000 experience per hour with gnome benches.

What is the highest construction requirement in Osrs?

The highest level Construction items are the Crystalline Portal Nexus (level 92) and complete Jewellery Box (level 91) which need to be done in the 120 seconds that you have boosted at level 92 and 91. You can't fill all of the materials in your inventory, so, you'll need to do a few trips to the bank.

Is making mahogany planks profitable?

Making mahogany planks at the Sawmill is a decent way to make money. Each plank requires one mahogany log and 1,500 coins. The fastest way to get to the Sawmill is through the Balloon transport system, which requires completion of Enlightened Journey.

How do you build stuff in Osrs?

To build, go to the options menu, select house options, and set the building mode mode to on. Players will then see what looks like ghost-like hotspots where new objects can be built. See the Constructed items list for details on what you can build at what level.

How long does construction take on a house?

Around seven months

Average Time it Takes to Build a Home

According to the 2022 Survey of Construction from the Census Bureau, the average completion time of a single-family home is around seven months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of plank is needed for mahogany homes?

Mahogany Homes
  • Beginner Contracts. Level 1-19. Requires normal planks. 2 points awarded per contract.
  • Novice Contracts. Level 20-49. Requires oak planks. 3 points awarded per contract.
  • Adept Contracts. Level 50-69. Requires teak planks. 4 points awarded per contract.
  • Expert Contracts. Level 70+ Requires mahogany planks.

How do you make 20 mahogany planks in one go?

Make 20 Mahogany Planks in one go. You need level 50 woodcutting to cut mahogany trees in Tai Bwo Wannai (100 trading sticks needed), or on Ape Atoll. Take 20 mahogany logs to sawmill operator with 30k.

How do you make an oak larder?

An oak larder can be built in the larder space of a kitchen in a player-owned house, requiring 33 Construction and granting 480 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.


How much XP per hour is Oak larders?

Oak larders require 8 oak planks to build, and they grant 480 experience each. Players can gain up to around 480,000 experience per hour from level 50 onwards.

How many planks per oak larder?


Oak plank8
Total cost
Oak larder1
Mar 13, 2023

How many planks is one log?

Wooden planks can be created by putting a block or more of wood in the crafting grid (either a crafting table or a player's inventory grid). When this is done, four wood planks are recovered per log.

Osrs where to buy construction tools

Where is Lumbridge General Store?

The Lumbridge General Store is the general store located north of the Lumbridge Castle in Lumbridge. When new players arrive in RuneScape, they arrive in Lumbridge and tend to have a look around, and thus the store is a popular place for new players.

Where to buy a saw in Osrs?

A saw is a tool that can be purchased from the sawmill operator at the Lumber Yard located north-east of Varrock for 13 coins. It is used along with a hammer in the Construction skill to create furniture.

Where can I buy Dwellberries?

Dwellberries can be found growing inside McGrubor's Wood to the west of Seers' Village. They are surrounded by level 44 dogs. They can also be bought from Heckel Funch on the east side of the Grand Tree on the 1 st floor [UK] , near Blurberry Bar for a price of 4 gold each.

  • Where can I buy a spade in lumbridge?
    • Shop locationsEdit

      SellerLocationNumber in stock
      Lumbridge General StoreLumbridge5
      Lletya General StoreLletya5
      Branwen's Farming ShopPrifddinas500
      Allanna's Farming ShopFarming Guild5
  • Why is Lumbridge called Lumbridge?
    • Lum means light in Latin; so Lumbridge means "Bridge of Light." Lumbridge was named after the bridge that was built over the river Lum, similar to how Cambridge was named after a bridge that was built over the River Cam in England.

  • How many mahogany planks until 70 construction
    • Construction level required for each Mahogany Homes contract tier: Beginner - 1, Novice - 20, Adept - 50, Expert - 70. Type of plank required for each Mahogany 

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