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What does app stand for in construction

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What Does APP Stand for in Construction? Explained Simply

When it comes to the construction industry, understanding various acronyms and terms is crucial. One common question often asked is, "What does APP stand for in construction?" In this review, we will provide a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of APP in construction, highlighting its benefits and conditions for use.

What Does APP Stand for in Construction?

APP stands for Atactic Polypropylene, which refers to a type of modified bitumen used in construction. It is commonly utilized in roofing applications, particularly for flat or low-sloped roofs.

Benefits of APP in Construction:

  1. Enhanced Durability:

    • APP-modified bitumen roofs have excellent resistance to UV radiation, weathering, and thermal stress, extending their lifespan.
    • These roofs can withstand extreme temperatures, including both hot and cold climates.
  2. Superior Waterproofing:

    • APP-modified bitumen offers exceptional waterproofing properties, ensuring protection against leaks and moisture infiltration.
    • The material's high flexibility allows it to accommodate building movements, preventing cracking and damage.
  3. Increased Fire Resistance:

    • APP-modified bitumen contains fire-retardant additives, providing enhanced fire resistance for buildings.
    • This

The APP membrane, short for Atactic Polypropylene Membrane, is a special waterproofing material that is manufactured from Bitumen. They comes in rolls. Each roll measures 10 metres by 1 metre and covers an area of 8.7 m².

What does the abbreviation app stand for?


abbreviation for application or application program: a small computer program that you can download onto a mobile phone: There are apps for everything, from learning Swedish to booking cinema tickets.

What is the abbreviation for construction?

There are three common abbreviations of construction: const., constr., constrn. If you want to make any of these plural, simply add on an “s.”

What does EA stand for in construction?

E&P - Electrical and Power. EA - Each. EA - Employer's Agent.

What is app building process?

Mobile app development is a fairly standard and straightforward process. It includes strategy, design, development and deployment, pretty much like any other software development project. However, if you have never been involved in software development before, you may find it a bit lengthy at some point.

What is the meaning of owner in construction project?

In the construction industry, the term 'owner' typically refers to the person or organisation that owns a built asset (such as a building, bridge, tunnel, etc.) or land. But it may also refer to ownership of the components of a project.

What does OE stand for in construction?

Owner's Engineer

OE Owner's Engineer. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer. OMB Office of Management and Budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call the owner of a project?

The project owner will assist the project manager in providing leadership towards the completion of project tasks, and may sometimes even maintain a portion of the project plan. The project owner may also be referred to as the Lead, or Champion.

What is the abbreviation for construction documents?

CDs (Construction Documents)

A term used to represent all final drawings, specifications, addenda and other relevant construction information associated with the construction of a specific project.

What is AMD also known as?

Macular degeneration, also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), is a medical condition which may result in blurred or no vision in the center of the visual field. Early on there are often no symptoms.

What is difference between OCIP and CCIP?

Both OCIP and CCIP provide liability coverage across all parties on a project. The primary difference is that a Contractor-Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) is purchased by the general contractor, while the property or project owner holds the policy on the Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP).

What is a Rocip?

ROCIP means the Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program created, organized, and managed by Broker on behalf of the City as set forth in this Agreement.

What is CCIP and CCRP?

There are two key functions of the ballistic computer: Constantly Computed Impact Point (CCIP) and Constantly Computed Release Point (CCRP). CCIP continually calculates where munitions will land and gives the pilot an accurate impact point to aim with.

What is per short for?

Per is a Latin preposition that means "through" or "by means of". Per (pronounced like "purr") is also an English preposition that can mean "for each", "to each", "by means of", or [lastly, annoyingly] "in accordance with"; somewhat interchangeably with the [even more annoying] "as per".

What is P and S in construction?

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration. P3 Public Private Partnership. P100 Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service. P&S Plans & Specs.


What does PR stand for in building construction?

ASI - Architectural Supplementary Instruction. PR - Proposal Request.

Where do we use per?

You use per to talk about each one of something. For example, if a vehicle is travelling at 40 miles per hour, it travels 40 miles each hour. Buses use much less fuel per person than cars.

What does ID stand for in construction?

Inside diameter

I.C.F. - Insulated Concrete Form. I.D. - Inside diameter. I.F. - Inside Face.

What does IDC stand for in construction?

Interest During Construction

Interest During Construction (IDC)

What is IOC in construction?

The Initial Operational Capability (IOC) is a point in time during the Production & Deployment (PD) Phase where a system can meet the minimum operational (Threshold and Objective) capabilities for a user's stated need.

What is the full form of ID?

ID Full Form is Identity Document. A document containing information that can be used to confirm a person's identification is called an identity document. Passports, licences, national identification cards, and birth certificates are a few examples of identity documents.

What does ID mean in engineering?

Inner diameter

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbolDefinition
IDinner diameter; identity, identification number
IEDInsufficient Edge Distance
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
What is an ASI in construction terms?
Architects Supplemental Information (ASI)

An ASI is a form used by an architect to specify additional instructions and interpretations relating to a set of architectural plans. An ASI is also issued to order minor changes in the architectural work to be accomplished, changes that may vary from the original plans.

What does app stand for in construction

What is the meaning of plan and spec?

Plan and spec is a method of commercial construction project delivery where design drawings (or plans) are created along with written specifications (or specs) to further describe the equipment and parts shown in the drawings.

What is the addendum in a construction contract?

An addendum is a post-contract attachment that modifies, alters, or changes some of the terms of a previously established contract.

What is the term used to define the detailed written description of the project requirements? A specification often refers to a set of documented requirements to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service. A specification is often a type of technical standard.

What does ASI stand for in engineering? Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-Interface or ASi) is an industrial networking solution (physical layer, data access method and protocol) used in PLC, DCS and PC-based automation systems.

What is the future of the construction industry in the US?

The construction industry in United States is expected to grow steadily over the next four quarters. The growth momentum is expected to continue over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 5.2% during 2023-2027. The construction output in the country is expected to reach USD 1,735,526.5 million by 2027.

What is the value chain in construction industry?

A value chain in construction is a type of business model that includes all the different activities that are needed for the project. Within the construction industry, a value chain is created to ensure that a project is successful from the planning stages, all the way to the completed and approved building structure.

What is the role in building construction industry?

The construction of a building involves many people: Architects; Designers; Engineers; Contractors; Sub-Contractors all working together to meet the needs of the Client. These construction professionals are brought together for a specific construction project and then disbanded once construction is complete.

  • What does PM stand for in construction?
    • PM Project Manager. PMIS Project Management Information System. PMG Project Management Group. PMO Project Management Office.

  • What will happen to the construction industry in 2023?
    • The July 2023 AIA Consensus Construction Forecast Panel indicates that after a 19.7% surge in 2023 spending for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings, growth is expected to decelerate in 2024. All nine panelists are in agreement about a potential slowdown.

  • What is PL in construction terms?
    • P.L.: Property Line (or Parts List)

  • What does the abbreviation PL stand for?
    • Plural

      written abbreviation for plural. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Linguistics: grammatical terms.

  • What is PL in civil engineering?
    • PL – Plinth level.

  • What does PL stand for in material?
    • Synthetic fibres Learn more

      EA / ElastaneLearn more
      PL / PES / PolyesterLearn more
      PU / PolyurethaneLearn more
      PVC / Polyvinyl ChlorideLearn more
      PBT / PolybutyleneLearn more
  • What does PL stand for in construction adhesive?
    • PL Construction Adhesives. Loctite® PL® Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive.

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