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When is i35 construction complete

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When is I35 Construction Complete: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you eagerly awaiting the completion of the I35 construction project? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about when the construction of I35 is expected to conclude. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of the project timeline, benefits, and conditions for using I35 upon completion.

  1. Project Timeline:
  • The I35 construction project is anticipated to be completed by [insert estimated completion date].
  • Construction progress is regularly monitored, and any updates or delays will be communicated promptly.
  1. Benefits of Completion:
  • Enhanced Traffic Flow: Once completed, the I35 construction will improve traffic flow, reducing congestion and travel times.
  • Increased Safety: The project incorporates safety enhancements such as improved road design, signage, and lighting, ensuring a safer driving experience.
  • Enhanced Infrastructure: The construction will upgrade the road surface quality, improve drainage systems, and replace outdated bridges, resulting in a smoother and more reliable commute.
  • Economic Growth: The completion of I35 construction will contribute to economic growth by facilitating efficient transportation of goods and services, attracting new businesses, and creating job opportunities.
  1. Conditions for Use:
  • When the I35 construction is complete

Jun 28, 2023 — Between 50th Street and Exit 14: East 36th Street (Minneapolis). Road construction work is in progress. A lane is closed.

Where is there road construction on ih 35

My35 is your connection to the latest news, project and road condition updates, traffic camera views and community meetings along the I-35 corridor – all 588 

Is there construction on I-35 in Texas?

I-35 Northeast Expansion (NEX) Central

The Texas Department of Transportation is constructing approximately 9.5 miles of I-35 from I-410 North to FM 3009 in Bexar and Guadalupe counties, Texas.

What are they doing on I-35 in Austin?

I-35 Capital Express North, one of three projects to widen I-35 through Austin, broke ground in March. The project will add one high-occupancy vehicle lane in each direction between SH 45 North and Hwy. 290 East, reconstruct several bridges, add a DDI at Wells Branch Parkway, and add pedestrian and bicycle paths.

When was I-35 built in Austin?


Source: Reconnect Austin. I-35 was completed and dedicated in 1962. It became a visual and physical barrier between downtown and East Austin, solidifying the dividing line that had been East Avenue.

When was I-35 built in San Antonio?

1956Interstate 35 / Constructed

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Who provides the supplies for interstate 35 construction

Aug 21, 2023 — Tucker Ferguson, TxDOT's Austin district engineer, told KXAN Monday the state agency is eyeing a project launch in either March or April. The I

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the construction on i35 in Waco complete?

Construction Activities and Schedule

Crews began work on the project in late April 2019 and construction is expected to be complete in 2023, weather, field conditions and work progress permitting. This construction schedule and lane closures are dynamic and regularly updated. Pedestrians should NEVER CROSS MAINLINES!

When was 35W built in Minnesota?

There wasn't an orange cone in sight on this day in 1959, when Minneapolis, Richfield and Bloomington joined forces to open the Twin Cities' first stretch of interstate: I-35W from 56th Street to 106th Street.

What is the construction on I-35 in Dallas?

The I-35E Phase 2 project covers the southern segment of I-35E in Dallas County from I-635 to the Denton County line and is currently being progressed through a design-build project delivery. The Phase 2 project reconstructs and widens the mainlanes from six to eight lanes.

How much did the twin ports interchange project cost?

The $272 million Twin Ports Interchange project reconstructs the system-to-system interchange of I-535 and US 53 with I-35 in Duluth, Minnesota.


Where is construction on i-35

In 2023, work included construction of median crossover lanes, resurfacing southbound I-35 between Bagley Avenue/Western Avenue and Rice County Road 48, and 

Is there construction on 94 in Minneapolis?
The 11-mile stretch of road is currently under construction. The $120 million project started in July of 2022 and is expected to wrap up fall of 2024.

Is there road construction on Hwy 10 in Minnesota?

In the spring of 2022, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will begin construction on Highway 10.

How much did the Duluth interchange project cost?

The $435 million project reconstructs the system-to-system interchange of I-535 and US 53 with I-35 in Duluth, Minnesota.

When is i35 construction complete

How much did the twin ports interchange cost?

The added work carries an estimated $167.7 million price tag to go along with the existing $343 million Twin Ports Interchange reconstruction, bringing the full project total to more than a half-billion dollars, at $510 million.

What is the construction on 94 in Minnesota?

About this project

A large pavement project on I-94 between Hwy 120/Century Ave. and the St. Croix River will begin in July 2022. This project work is anticipated to take two and a half years to complete.

What is the I-35 expansion Denton County?

The I-35 Denton County Connections (DCC) Project is a collection of intersection and road improvements intended to address the traffic bottlenecks caused by rapid population and industry growth along the I-35E and I-35 corridors in Denton County.

Where do the supplies come from for the construction on interstate 35

Alliance Regional Water Authority (Alliance) needed to pull together a mission that would deeply impact the area south of Austin, Texas.

  • Why does freeway construction take so long?
    • But if the soil is too loose, it needs to be compacted again. This process is one of the main reasons why construction projects take so long. Compacting is a lengthy but crucial process — it provides the strong foundation roads need to be functional. Poor compaction can cause the soil to settle, which damages roadways.

  • Why does road construction take so long in Texas?
    • Why does construction take so long? The answer is pretty straight-forward: major road projects are extremely complex and require an incredible amount of work. And, while all that work is going on, traffic still has to be able to reasonably move through the work zone.

  • Who set the Waco building on fire?
    • Branch Davidians

      Although several of the surviving Branch Davidians insist that they did not start the fire, a panel of arson investigators concluded that the Davidians were responsible for igniting it, simultaneously, in at least three different areas of the compound.

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